Latest Feature Film Bookings 


Top Priority Group actor Rogelio Camarillo has booked a supporting role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film which will star Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper as well as Academy Award winner Sean Penn.


Six of Paul Thomas Anderson's directed films have been Oscar contenders earning a total of 25 nominations combined. Three of the 25 nominations won an Oscar.


This film is also going to star Cooper Hoffman, son of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman who had previously starred in 4 of Anderson’s previous films and was nominated for an Academy Award for one of them.

Top Priority Group actor Liam Hawley has booked a starring role in the feature film

Devil's Triangle by the producers that brought us the Sharknado feature film series.

Top Priority Group actor Dennis Delsing has booked a supporting role in the feature film The Way by the producer Khalili Dastan