Sabrina Lassegue

Actress, director, producer & print model.

She trained at the American Musical Dramatic Academy for acting and has mentored under various industry professionals for filmmaking. She signed to Top Priority Group in 2020 and since then, continues to audition regularly for major networks and studios. Excited to create opportunities for other underrepresented creatives, Lassegue launched her multi media production company, Yellow Rain Productions. 

She is focused on diverse and inclusive story telling, from script to screen as well as telling stories that reflect society. She also has a strong passion for music videos, content creation and commercials. With over 90.6k followers on Tik Tok, she has gained a wide audience interested in what she has to say in film. She has collaborated with LA Fashion week, Google, Artist and more. She is scheduled to launch her own web series focused on women in various industries, direct her first major feature film in 2022 and release two of her award winning short films to the public.


With a love for actors, she launched a reel business within her company. Being an actress herself and knowing the hardships of being new in the industry, she offers acting reel clips. They are shot at a professional level, at an affordable and competitive rate to others in the Los Angeles area. 

To see her work and learn more, visit: